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Cooking from scratch is the single most important thing we can do as a family to improve our health and general wellbeing.

Michael Pollan

Do you…

  • Want to have more energy and feel satiated throughout the day?
  • Want to provide your family the most nutritious meals within your budget?
  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of ‘health food’ choices now on the market?
  • Want to feel more balanced in your moods?
  • Want to feel more motivated and wish you could spring out of bed in the morning?
  • Need to overcome a sugar addiction or other attachments around food or emotional eating?
  • Require guidance with meal planning and prepping?
  • Want to make a change for life?

Amanda’s personalised and tailored service specialises in:

  • Initial Consults and Ongoing Support 

Food is so much more than what we put in our mouths. I take a holistic approach and understand that lifestyle, past attitudes and upbringing, budget and vices play a huge role in getting on and staying on the real food path. As a recovering sugar addict, I understand the emotional, psychological and mental challenges to committing to a real food lifestyle and am realistic and experienced in the advice, tips and ideas I bring to our consultation.

  • Best Brands 

If you are overwhelmed by the large range of ‘healthy’ options that seem to be popping up in our stores, I would love to help guide you through this maze. I have tried and tested a large number of products and can assist you in a pantry/fridge audit, trip to the supermarket or advice on where to find the best options of brands and food you want to eat.

  • Pantry Overhaul

Together, we go through your pantry, switching out some foods for better choices and replacing some brands with more healthier options. My goal is to empower you know to know which items to buy and have a pantry stocked with goodness.

  • Meal Planning & Budgeting 

As a stay at home mum, cooking for a family in the past, but now a single mamma with just myself and my son, I understand the different variables in having plenty of time, to being completely time poor. I can assist with meal plans on both ends of the spectrum. I also understand varying budgets. I know where to find bargains and have plenty of tips and tricks to get the best value for money and also can lead you to the premium products on the market.

  • Supermarket and Farmers’ Market Tours 

I have spent many years researching and testing best brands of a broad range of supermarket items.  If you are curious to know which ingredients to stay away from, which brands are better than others or would love some tips on what to buy from your local farmers’ market, I can give you a guided tour. The supermarket can be an overwhelming maze of misguiding labels and marketing tricks.  I can’t wait to help you find your way and find what you need for you and your family easily and seamlessly.

  • Prepared Meals

Would you love to come home from work and have one of your favourite home-cooked meals in the fridge? Or, how about lunch waiting for you to grab and go on the way to work in the morning? If this is a priority for on your real food journey, I can assist in helping you make this happen or my service also provides prepared meals as an option.

Design your own package based on your individual needs.

Each personal package includes the CONNECT so that we can get to know each other and I can better help you meet your goals.

CONNECT - Personalised Consultation exploring the WHY

I want to get to know you, the lifestyle you enjoy and how you would like to play the game of real food. My aim is to meet you where you’re at and understand you and your family’s real food goals and priorities. I'll help you through any road blocks you may have, find out about favourite foods, shopping preferences, food budget and time management. This consult is the foundation of the package as once we have thoroughly explored the why, the how becomes that much easier.

SHOP - Journey to your local food hubs

Do you prefer a butcher over Woolies? The local markets as opposed to Coles? Or do you have a favourite organic store down the road? Together we will take a trip to your favourite spot and help guide you through the maze of food choices, exploring brands, ingredients and best picks of your favourite foods.

COOK - Building on the skills of real food

After our shopping adventure we get to the HOW of our package. Based on our consultation we will cook together and learn an array of tips and tricks of cooking real food, all with you and your family in mind. Do you need to know secrets to making real food simple? Are you time poor and want to cook nutritious meals in a hurry? This part of the package will help get you there.

MEAL PLANNING - Making life easier

Would you be able to stay on track if you just had a plan? Customised meal plans can be created based on your family's food preferences, lifestyle and budget. Decide how you want the meal plans to look and function which ultimately makes life easier for you.

READY MADE MEALS - Meals prepped to your request

Are you still struggling to find the time to make the meals yourself? Now that I have learnt more about you and your needs, meals can be made and delivered according to your budget, food preferences and nutritional goals.

FERMENTING - Learn the art of fermentation

Who would have thought it would be so easy to make your own probiotics? If you are interested in getting started with kombucha, kefir or fermented veggies, we can build this in to your food coaching package.

HEALTHY KIDS - Kids Cooking Classes

In home cooking classes, kids cooking themed birthday parties or even a family cooking class. The best gift we can give our children is the gift to learn how to cook. As as Guy Fieri says, "Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity."