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A personalised, one to one service helping you navigate the maze of food choices, implement practical solutions around real food shopping, prepping and cooking which will improve the way you eat for life. Amanda’s Food Coaching service is the perfect solution to helping you become unstuck, create new patterns and lifestyle choices and transform your health and wellbeing for life.

Whether it be a pantry make-over, ready-made meals, a shopping/market tour or a cooking class in your own kitchen, Amanda’s Food Coaching can be tailored to your individual needs.

“Amanda’s coaching service was awesome! Amanda came into my home with a passion for healthy food and an abundance of knowledge that she openly shared.  The program was completely tailored to my needs which meant I got maximum value for money.  The shopping trip to the supermarket was huge fun; who would have thought?!  But now knowing how to select the best food (and the least nasty!) will bring lifelong changes to our household and immediate better health.  The menu ideas have been incredibly helpful and already a huge hit with the kids!!   Knowing that I can contact Amanda in the future with any further queries is a huge boost to finally getting this family eating clean!”


Featured Blog Posts

Bang for your Buck

What can we do if we can’t grow our own food or purchase organic all of the time? Below are some purchasing tips and cooking ideas to ensure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying and eating fruits and vegetables.

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What’s for Breakfast?

Pinkfarm coined the term “Royal Breakfast” because of the saying, “Eat breakfast like a King” or a Queen.But are there benefits to starting the day like this? Read more to find out about this life changing shift.

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It’s More than just Food

In our every day lives, we can often find that food has become laced with confusion or conflict. Food seems to have been reduced to being on a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ list. But food really is so much more than this. Isn’t it?

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